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Announcement: Be Love, Spread Love Author Event

Bad news. :(

Be Love, Spread Love Author Event logo on black background

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I won't be able to attend Be Love, Spread Love Author Event this year. I'm so sorry!

I'm totally bummed that I can't make it. I was excited for both the signing, and my first trip to the west coast. I've been waiting for this event for what feels like forever, but as we all know... life happens.

For those of you that have pre-ordered books from me, I'm happy to ship your books to you for free, or if you'd prefer, I can cancel your order and refund your payment. The choice is entirely up to you. I'll send an email later this week. Please respond to that email with your preference.

Again, I'm so sorry everyone! I'll miss seeing all your smiling faces and giving hugs to so many I've been waiting forever to meet.


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