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Prepare for chaos—Daddy is on weekend duty.

Drake and Hailee have come a long way since they met five years ago.
Marriage. Adoption. Adorable twin girls.
Too bad happily ever after doesn’t come without struggles and stress.

Lately, things have been more hectic than usual, leaving Hailee exhausted and overwhelmed.
Wanting to take care of his wife, Drake organizes a special surprise:
A short trip with her best friend. A weekend away to rest and relax.
Handling the kids on his own while she’s gone should be a piece of cake, right?

He’s got this…well, he thought he did.
Turns out...Drake might need a little help.

Three children. Two nights. One dad in way over his head.


This is a short story epilogue and should be read after reading Long Road Home.

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Opening a bar with his best friend was the easiest decision Holden Sterling has ever made. But he’s never had his own business, let alone worked behind a bar. Determined to do it right, he enrolls in a course to become a certified bartender. Forty instructional hours are the only thing standing between him and his goal. But there’s a girl. Hell, with Holden...there’s always a girl, but never someone like her. Now isn’t the time to get distracted, but a little fun never hurt anyone.

Brooke Foster’s life is all about experiences. With no family and nothing holding her back, she travels, always seeking her next big adventure. Everywhere she goes, she takes a risk or tries something new. This week it’s a bartending training course. The real fun begins when she meets a guy. He’s a hot as sin country boy with sweet southern charm. She never stays in one place long, but maybe there’s something to be said about standing still.

Neither knew exactly what they were getting into.

He might not have come for her, but he doesn’t want to leave without her.

She’s not sure if he’s a risk she’s willing to take.

Is this their beginning, or is their story over before it ever really started?

This is the prequel to the Love & Liquor series. It's short story with a HFN ending. The heroine in this story is NOT the heroine that gives Holden his HEA in Whiskey Temptations.

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