Love & Liquor, Book Two

Noah & Penny

Secret Child/Single Dad/Friends to Lovers

Penelope Cole.
She’s compassionate, adorably awkward, and someone I never expected to see again.
A ghost from my past… my ex-best friend.

Learning I'm a father leaves me with nothing but questions and Penny holds all the answers. No matter the truth, we can't get back the time we've lost.
Getting to know my daughter is my number one priority.
Reconnecting with the girl I used to know is a close second.
We were never more than friends, but since she walked back into my life…
I’m starting to see her in a whole new light.

Noah Vaughn.
He’s charming, incredibly selfless, and the man I’ve been in love with for years.
My late sister’s ex… and the father of her child.

Seeing Noah again after all these years is hard. Knowing I have to tell him the ugly truth about the past is even worse.
I'll deal with the fallout from my sister's lies if it means my niece gets the chance to form a bond with her father.
Unfortunately for me, that means spending time with Noah.
Being close to him is making it impossible to ignore my feelings…
And they’re the one truth I don’t want to reveal.