What's Next


Book two of the Stars Align series

I'm not the girl that everyone thinks I am.
I've been pretending for so long, I barely recognize myself.
It's long past time to take down my walls and be the woman I want to be.

All I need is one night.
One night to take back control from my past,
and a single encounter with a sexy stranger to prove to myself that I'm not broken.

I didn't anticipate the two little pink lines I'd see weeks later, a result of the night a the man whose name I don't know.

Now I have one more secret to add to the list.
Too bad secrets always have a way of coming out.
Mine threaten to ruin me, and the life I never thought I'd have.
Especially when life keeps throwing surprises my way.

It was only supposed to be a one night stand, not the catalyst to shatter my perfectly crafted facade.


Copyright 2019 Kate Stacy | Contemporary Romance Author