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Madalyn & Jaxson

Second Chance


Happiness. I lost it all in an instant.
I let my heartache and grief rule me.
I ran away, left it all behind.
I hurt everyone I love.
Especially him.

Two years later, I finally come home.
He waited. He hasn't moved on, but I have.
My new life isn't a fairytale,
It's a hell of my own creation.
Secrets. Lies. Pain.
He'd save me if I let him.
But I continue to hide the truth.
Because someone like me doesn't deserve someone like him.


Everyone handles grief differently.
I held onto hope, used mine as fuel.
I opened a bar, bought a house.
I built a life for the two of us.
Awaiting the day she'd come back to me.

They say only fools fall in love.
Guess I'm one of them.
Hurt and angry, I lash out, trying to be someone I'm not.
Letting her go is impossible.
She's the other half of my heart.
Comfort. Safety. Love.
I want to give her everything.
But how can I when she pushes me away?

Accepting the past. Forgiving mistakes.
Reshaping the fragile pieces left behind.
Forever happens when heartbreaks become second chances.

Supernova is the first book in the Stars Align series and can be read as a standalone.

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Copyright 2020 Kate Stacy | Contemporary Romance Author