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Madalyn & Jaxson

Second Chance

Jackson Blackwood owned all my firsts...


Two years ago, I allowed tragedy to tear us apart. Overwhelmed by heartache and grief, I ran, leaving everyone I loved behind. Now I’m back, watching my past and present collide. Jaxson is a reminder of everything I lost and all the reasons I forced myself to move on. Even when my happily ever after turns to hell, I can’t go back. I can’t give him what he wants because there’s nothing left of me worth loving.


Madalyn Sterling is the other half of my soul.


If breaking my heart wasn’t bad enough, she came back and shattered the remaining pieces. My attempts to move on fail, leaving me worse off than I was before. Alcohol numbs the pain, turning me into someone I’m not. Madalyn may no longer be mine to love, but it’s impossible to let her go. Especially when I discover her devastating secret. She needs me now more than ever.


If we can forgive our mistakes and accept the past, we can turn our heartbreak into a second chance.

Supernova is the first book in the Stars Align series and can be read as a standalone.

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