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Ten Hot Vegas Freebies!

Who's ready for a trip to Vegas?

The Vegas Strip is the gateway to your wildest fantasies. Where debauchery rules and depravity runs rampant. Elusive billionaires, celebrity bad boys, tantalizing dancers, master mixologists, and sexy tattoo artists are all within reach. During these Hot Vegas Nights, you'll take a chance on love, lose yourself in entertainment, and gamble your heart away. These books are all written with your pleasure in mind. You’re in luck - for a limited time, you can grab each of these e-books for FREE on Amazon.

A Vegas Dare by Kate Stacy

The Vegas Pitch by Amanda Shelley

Vegas Reward by Michelle Donn

All's Fair in Love & Vegas by Shannon O’Conner and M. Leigh Morhaime

Vegas Jackpot by E.M. Shue

Vegas Storm by D.M. Davis

Vegas Baby by Melanie A. Smith

Playing Vegas by C.L. Collier

What Happens in Vegas by Sabrina Wagner

Vegas Valet by TL Mayhew


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