Snow Days, Holidays & Headaches

The past month has been crazy, y'all!

I've been trying to hard to get the words down for this novel. I finished eight chapters and started second guessing myself, so I shot those chapters off to a few of my betas and the feedback was awesome. They loved what I'd written so far, which only encouraged me to keep going.

Since then, I've only managed two more chapters. I finished writing the first paragraph of Chapter 11 and decided to take a short break and update here.

I do most of my writing late at night and during the day when my littles are all in school. It's close to impossible to write when they're home. I hear "mama" no less than 10 times an hour (usually way more than that) and my husband, bless his heart, tries so hard to let me work, but the kids are having none of it.

Over the weekend, we had almost a foot of snow dumped on us. That was followed by rain and sleet. It's a complete mess out there now. The kids had two snow days and a 3-hour delay today, but stayed home because I got the car stuck in the driveway and wasn't risking it. The snow is beautiful, I love looking at it, but I don't do the cold and it's killing me!

I want to finish this book. Badly.

I've already got so many ideas for more books and I'm eager to get started. I'll have two series coming after this standalone and I'm excited! I won't rush though. I won't put out something that I'm not happy with.

The holidays are also coming up quickly, but I'm hoping that aside from a few days of travel, it won't slow me down too much. I'm probably being overly hopeful because the kids have their winter vacation too.

I love this time of year, but it's a huge headache at the same time.

Once I get a bit more written, I'll start working on some teasers and promotional materials so y'all can help me spread the word. I'm blessed to have so many people supporting me on this journey and I want y'all to know that I appreciate you! SO much!

Happy Holidays to all of you!