Royal Book Bash in the Carolinas

Who's a hot mess? This girl right here.

I attended my first official author event over the weekend and despite my hot mess status - I had a blast. I was all over the place (mentally) all day, but it caused quite a few laughs.

It all started with 3 hours of sleep.

Getting dressed in the dark.

A 2.5 hour road trip.

And noticing that most of the other authors are wearing purple, which makes sense because it's the main color for the event brand.

We're hangin' out in the car since we got there a little early, and I tell Cris that maybe I should have worn purple, but it's not really my color. Then I remember that I'm wearing my 80 Proof shirt, and I think it has purple in the design.

So I lift up my hoodie to check...

and my shirt is blank.

No design to be found.

I put the damn thing on inside out! LOL

We all had a really good laugh at about it. Thankfully, Cris's car has really dark tinted windows because me being me, I stripped my shirt off and fixed it right there in the car. #noshame

And it DID have purple on it.

The signing itself was a lot of fun even though there wasn't a huge turnout. I enjoyed seeing a few authors I've met before and had the pleasure of meeting the ones I didn't know. I got quite a few compliments on my table setup, and I was totally envious of Poppy Brooks's twinkle lights on her table (I'm getting some for my next signing. A girl needs some twinkle lights!)

Ignore my goofy smile.

I was trying to smile and not laugh while arguing with Cris about whether or not I should keep the prim and proper pose I playfully struck before he took the picture (I didn't). You can also see Teen Heathen hiding on the right.

A couple times throughout the day, I tried to take a drink...with my mask on. I also exploded a Dr. Pepper all over myself in the car on the way home (told you, hot mess!).

Cris (aka Lesbian Husband, aka my BFF) had a crown for the day, but I managed to get a cute AF shot of him with my tiara on. I swear, I'm getting that one framed. I couldn't say no when Teen Heathen asked to come along. She's my mini-me in all the ways. She was even a good sport when she pulled out her sketchbook to draw and I teased her relentlessly about trying to draw a girl instead of a guy with abs.

She loves me though, so what did she do?

She started drawing a guy with abs! She's my favorite, but shhh! don't tell the others.

I'm kidding. I love all my babies.

Oh! We had VIP readers eat lunch with us, so I made them a little something special. They each got three roses made from the pages of the Stars Align series. They're color coordinated with the books. I definitely plan to make some more because now I want some for me.

See how pretty they are?!

I didn't take a ton of pics because of social distancing and all that not-so-fun stuff, but I did walk around and talk to all the other authors (and grabbed swag because I'm always a fangirl and a reader first). I met some great people, added way too many books to my TBR, bought a set of paperbacks with amazing covers even though I don't have space on my shelves for anymore books, made a few new friends, and had some memorable conversations.

I'm happy I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attend a signing.

Royal Book Bash was the perfect choice for my first!

I'm also excited to share that I'm planning on signing at another event this year at the end of July. I'll share more details about that one soon!