New Series Announcement

That's right - I've got a new series coming soon!

The stories from Blackwood, NC aren't finished yet!

Plenty of characters are waiting for their own.

Introducing the Love & Liquor series.

Five books. Five sexy as sin bartenders.

Are you ready to meet the men of 80 Proof?





And Zane.

They're ready and waiting to mix things up a bit.

Have you been craving more Holden?

Good! Because he's up first.

He's made an appearance in all my books and he's finally getting his own story.

BOOK ONE: Whiskey Temptations

Holden Sterling & Henley Blackwood

{A best friend's sister/virgin romance.}

The tentative release date is December 3rd, but I'll announce an official release date, as well as the cover reveal date, soon!

BOOK TWO: Bourbon Truths

Noah Vaughn & Penelope Stark

{A sudden/secret baby romance.}

Release date: TBD

BOOK THREE: Scotch Promises

James Davis & Zoey Whitmore

{A workplace romance.}

Release date: TBD

BOOK FOUR: Vodka Confessions

Gabriel Cain & Christine Hainley

{An enemies-to-lovers romance.}

Release date: TBD

BOOK FIVE: Tequila Lies

Zane Kelly & Logan Marshall

{A fake relationship romance.}

Release date: TBD

I'll be having an official cover release for each book, but I'm dying to show them to you! They're hot!

The series will also include a prequel, but it will NOT be available on Amazon (or in paperback).

It will be permanently free for everyone, likely available on BookFunnel.

The story was previously published in an anthology last year and features Holden before the bar opened (the female main character in this story is not Henley).

If you happened to read it, awesome. Don't worry, the story won't change too much, but I do plan to re-write a few things and give it another round of edits before publishing again.

That's my news for today!

I hope you're as excited about this series as I am.

I'll post more details when I have them!