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Limited Time Sale!

Until Lexi is on sale for only 99 pennies from January 23, 2023 through January 27, 2023!

If you haven't read Jake & Lexi's story, grab the e-book before the price goes up!

Private investigator Jake Strickland has spent the last year working a case to find his friend’s biological siblings. Alone after the loss of his parents, he understands the longing for those connections. Leaving Florida behind, he follows a lead to Tennessee, hoping to finally close the case and give his friend answers. But nothing ever goes as planned. Instead of finding the sibling right away, he finds himself in a heated encounter with a feisty, baseball bat-wielding blonde who gets his heart pumping in more ways than one.

Lexi Stone learned at a young age that family is more than blood and a name. Abandoned by her mother when she was a child, she grew up in foster care and created a family of her own—sisters bound from love and loyalty. As a tattoo parlor receptionist and self-proclaimed party girl, she may appear laid-back and carefree, but she’s fiercely protective of her family. So when Lexi catches a guy watching their house, she doesn’t hesitate to confront him. But she quickly learns he’s not at all what she expected.

The attraction between them is undeniable, but Lexi’s life has taught her to be wary. Despite her hesitation, the two grow close as Jake's case uncovers even more unexpected family ties. When the truth is revealed and tragedy strikes, loyalties are tested and no one will be left unscathed.

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US Only. Available exclusively on Amazon.


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