Just getting started...

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to post really quick because I'm building my website and let's face it...there needs to be something here. Anything, really. I'll have a lot more coming your way. I'm just getting started.

I'm just beginning my journey as an author and so far it's fun, but super busy. It's only going to get busier from here on out.

As I said, I'm building my website and getting my social media set up. In writing news, I've got my first novel outlined and I'll officially start writing on Tuesday when my littles go back to school. I can't with them here...I just can't. You'll hear all about them later, I'm sure! I've also got a series in the works. I know I personally love reading a series of interconnected standalones, so I'm definitely excited about it! I'll keep you updated with the latest as I work.

Until next time. <3